Sunday, April 11, 2010

$14 liars

Are you one of those people who have it "in" for yourself no matter what? I have to tell you, every single day I meet people that are just determined to defeat themselves. Heres what I mean: people come in claiming to want change. They speak with such desire in their voices. I see tears in their eyes many times. So we start. They jump in head first and show up everyday and put tons of effort into their workouts, lifting weight like never before, eating perfectly, doing cardio like crazy!

Then it happens. They get on the freakin scale (even though they know better) and let some $14 peice of crap mechanical device tell them whether or not they are succeeding or failing. Somehow, it seems, they expect to see a huge weight drop...and they completely discount the bone density gained, the lean mucle gained and even the glycogen storage increaase that they are also seeing on that damned scale!

I honestly believe that these people could go to weight watchers, eat half assed crap disguised as real food (which is what alot of weight watchers food is) and not gain an ounce of muscle or bone density or glycogen storage and they would be happy!!!! What the heck??? They may look loose and flabby in the mirror when they are naked...but by God, the scale moved so they're happy!

Give me a break. Please. You think you struggle with the scale? I struggle with the scale through YOU! So heres a message to those who would ignore the looser fitting clothes, the comments from friends and family that you are looking better, the drops on the body fat calipers etc, and instead choose to look at the scale: STOP. THROW THE DAMN THING AWAY. STOP LETTING IT DICTATE YOUR LIFE.

Did I make a point? If not, reread the last bold sentence; then, let's refocus and get back to work. We got a life to live based on OUR definitions, not the scale!