Friday, November 4, 2011

Kill the Messenger

I spend most everyday on the battlefield. No, not in some God forsaken third world country, but rather within the walls of the Ultimate Body Studios. Somewhere between the scuffed up floors, the taped up upholstery and the well worn weights, many a battle has been fought. This is my place, it's what I do. I come back to help people fight their battles each and every day.

Over the years, I've become very well acquainted with the enemy. It's the same one I've been helping people fight for years. Perhaps you've faced off with the enemy too? You know him, or her. Laziness, complacency, overindulgence, excuses, insecurity, just to name a few of the enemy's titles. Most of the time, we choose to live in a strange place with our enemies. In return for the ability to sit around and not exercise, we will take an extra roll of fat that pooches out over the top of our pants. If we will just agree to sporting a nice set of dimples on our butt, the enemy gives us the ability to avoid making healthy food choices! Each day we wake up and realize that we are standing just inches from our own version of the enemy. They are there constantly reminding us of our weakness and failures, yet allowing us to have certain small pleasures in return for our graciousness in letting them stay so close to us.

Sometimes, we get angry enough at the enemy to actually consider doing battle with them. You know the way it goes, "I've GOT to do something about this..." or "OK, Monday I'm gonna start P90X..." But don't underestimate your enemy. They have heard these words come from you before, many times in fact! All too often we "talk a good talk" but don't "walk a good walk" and end up becoming great neighbors with our enemies.

But hold on there! Don't go file for a homestead exemption on that little space next to your enemy just yet! Here's the deal: once you truly decide to do it, all those old empty promises to yourself take on a new life. They gain real meaning. You will know it when it happens. The first real shot is fired. Bang!!! Like a huge flash of lightening and the thunderous boom that follows! You are on. You have truly begun a fitness program, you are working out and eating healthy. And so it begins.

In no time at all you will start feeling really good about yourself. It is clear to you that something is different this time. Each day you pour your heart into your workout. You put tons of effort into eating healthy. Day after day goes by and your expectations grow with each one.

Every once in a while you suffer a little set back. Oh sure, you're working out like crazy and yes! every meal seems to be broccoli and grilled chicken. But in spite of your efforts, the mirror told you something today. Don't start thinking that I mean your mirror went all Disney on you and started talking about who's the fairest and all that. No, what I mean is that you looked in the mirror and "thought" that you looked like nothing had changed.

What? Nothing has changed and I'm putting in ALL this work and effort? Settle down Snow White. The mirror doesn't always tell you the truth. Well, actually it's that you don't always see yourself properly, but we will go ahead and blame the mirror. We could blame you but that would require seven little dwarfs and an apple to figure out, so we can just stick with the mirror.

So you see yourself and THINK nothing is changing. IF you accept this as your reality, then maybe you really are in a fairy tale. You see, from time to time we are all victims of our way of thinking. For example, if you have had a bad day at work or maybe just are not feeling great about some other aspect of your life, that can easily roll over into what you see in the mirror. It goes like this: finances are not well, AND neither am I. Get it?

So here's my solution. Kill the messenger. In this case, when you look in the mirror and see a non-improving you looking back, even in spite of your hard work and healthy eating, STOP LOOKING. Instead, say to yourself, "I am working hard. I am eating clean. I am strong, courageous and disciplined. I AM IMPROVING." Then, walk away and believe it. Lying mirrors don't lie forever, especially when your jeans, your friends and other onlookers start speaking the truth!

One more thing, while you're at it, don't listen to the lies of anyone or anything else either. I don't care if it's the scale, your mother or Pinocchio himself. If you want to hear more of the truth, call me and let's fight this together. 214-783-5440. Ask for Shrek.