Friday, March 19, 2010


So today two women came in to the Plano Studio to join., I heard things like "I've been following you for years" and things like that. I came to understand that these women really wanted, and needed a full body transformation. They were just past the special that we had been offering, yet I went ahead and offered it to them anyways. They completed all the paperwork, talked alot about changing their lives THIS TIME!!! and such.

I went to the back to grab something and when I returned they two women had decided NOT to join. They has some sort of "gala" they had to plan for...please!

I am so over people who don't really want to tired of hearing people complain about being overweight and unhappy yet never, ever doing anything real about it! Please don't be one of those people. Either be fat and happy or do something to change it.

Vent over. Thank you :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


So today we had a few less people in some of the classes thanks to Spring Break so I had the opportunity to get a little more detailed with people's food today. After hearing several classes food, I was left with the question, WHY? Why do people choose to eat things that are so close to healthy but that still fall short? You know, chicken sausage, peanut butter, Propels and the like. They know better yet they still do it...and all the while the whole rest of their day is nearly perfect.

In the end I determined that it's not the freakin huge pizza or chocolate cake we have to really look out for, it's the little things that seem so small...yet make ALL the difference.

The devil is in the details. Pay attention to them!