Saturday, May 26, 2012

Still A Kid

I am 44 years old and to this day I still like to watch old cartoons, I still collect Star Wars toys, I would prefer to ride a $69 Huffy over some 23 oz. $6300 mountain bike and I still have the urge to buy those Snap-N-Pops that pop when you throw them on the ground every time I see them. And, if I’m being honest, I’d buy a pack of candy cigarettes in a heartbeat, if you could find them.

Truth is, I’m still very much like a kid, and so are you. Think about this. If you can remember back to your childhood, certainly you can recall all of the fun things you used to do. All of those warm summer days spent outdoors, running and playing with your friends. How about getting to buy a toy? Remember how fun that was? You probably had some limit, maybe a dollar or two. But, that never mattered. You didn’t let the fact that you could only buy a cheap toy stop you from excitedly choosing one and playing with it for a long time.

Now, it wasn’t all fun and games growing up though.  Remember having to clean your room? I remember hating cleaning so much that I would rather be doing almost anything else, including slamming my head in a sliding glass door. It wasn’t that it was so hard, just that it was not fun! Then there were other things too. I remember going shopping with my mom for her work outfits and such. There was no greater drain on a young boy’s life than being dragged from department store to department store. I still shudder thinking about Sanger Harris or Joske's.

Now that we’re all grown up, things have changed, right? I mean you just LOVE to clean house, don’t you? How about super exciting things like filing your taxes? Isn’t that just the best? I look forward to doing that each and every year. In fact, I like to meet with my CPA and file early.
Wait. That's not true. I STILL hate cleaning. And, sorry to all of my IRS friends and CPA buddies out there, but filing taxes just isn’t my idea of a great day. On the other hand, send me outside to play with my friends (we call them cook-outs and day’s at the pool now) and I am ALL IN! I love doing that. Or how about buying a toy (new car, computer, TV) –again, I’m ALL IN.

The bottom line is this: we are all still just like kids. We love doing what we enjoy and protest doing what we don’t enjoy. So let me ask you, when was the last time you “loved” to work out or eat healthy? -Probably not in a long time, if ever. Why? Simply stated, we just don’t “enjoy” it. Guess what? I think you may have just started to unlock the door to something great. Let’s call it Pandora’s Box. You know how that goes, open the box and everything comes out. The difference is that in YOUR Pandora’s Box awaits a whole new, healthy, happy, energetic and full-of-life version of you.

Think about it like this: If you want to change yourself, lose weight and get very healthy, learn to “enjoy” the process.  If you hate going to the gym then learn to love the sense of accomplishment you feel once done. Enjoy the friends that you will make at the gym and enjoy the process of change. Learn to love the flavors of truly healthy foods and more importantly, learn to love the great way they make you feel from the inside out. In the end, if you will work at “enjoying” the journey, you will in fact “complete” the journey.  Go grab a pack of “Big League Chew” and put way too much in your mouth. Then, sit there and figure out how you can make working out and eating clean just as fun. Soon, you will LOVE the new you!

Writer's Note: The above was written for people who live in Starwood in their local magazine. I would like to add that if you belong to UB now, then guess what, YOU HAVE ALREADY FIGURED THIS OUT! The teams (classes) are very strong and actually make working out FUN. I would encourage you to join the UB Facebook page then from there join the UB Food/Recipe Exchange, the UBChallenge page and the UB Team page. It's amazing where you will find yourself woven into the very thread of everything UB is and will be. Thank you to each and every UB'er for making this place ROCK!