Monday, February 25, 2013

Running With Apollo

Many any years ago I was a boxer. I had won many fights in my career but eventually I became lazy and let life get the better of me. I was overweight, out of shape and depressed. Then, a buddy of mine named Apollo Creed offered to help me get back in the game. Not just the boxing game but the game of life. I remember my buddy Apollo taking me out to the sandy beach day after day to race him, but, I just couldn’t beat him. Sure, I was capable of beating him, I had everything it took, except one thing: motivation.

Then one day it happened. We were on the beach racing, in the background trumpets blasted a song and it seemed as though I was running in slow motion. Somehow, in that moment, MOTIVATION caught up to me and I beat Apollo! It was amazing; in fact, they should make a movie about me. Wait. They did that already; well, except that it wasn’t me… ok, never mind, I digress.

So I’m not Rocky and I never raced Apollo on the beach, but the part about how motivation will catch up to you is VERY true. Unfortunately, I meet people all the time who are waiting for motivation to come along as they sit on the couch, eat unhealthy foods and ultimately entrench themselves in a very unhealthy lifestyle. Typically we think that one day, somehow, if the planets all align and the wind is blowing just right, that we will be overtaken by motivation. When this happens we will eat perfect, work out like champions and amaze the world with our new body. But, that just isn’t how it works.

What I have discovered is that if you lack motivation, yet want it desperately, you have to get out on the beach and run. Well, not literally, but you do have to start going through the motions. Here’s what I mean: start working out and eating right every day. You say “But I’m just not motivated to do that” to which I reply, “My point exactly.” You see, motivation is tricky. When you wait for it, expect it to hide from you. However, if you just get started without it, soon it will RUN to you. It’s true, in fact it’s so true that they SHOULD make a movie about me just for sharing this with you!

So, how about it? Tired of being ringside and watching life play out? Ready to get into the fight and show the world just what you can do? Then do this. Stand up, put on your gloves and step back in the ring. At first it will just be you facing your challenges and obstacles. However, soon you will be joined in your fight by motivation. And, let me tell you this, when motivation joins you, nothing can stop you.

Please, give this serious thought and by this time next month you can be winning the fight to look and feel fantastic. In the meantime, if you see someone doing sit ups off the roof of the studio or running up the streets in old 1979 sweats, just ignore me; I’m fighting some guy named Drago next month and I AM motivated! You are up next...