Thursday, May 19, 2011

Just One More

From what I understand -after great and lengthy discussions with myself (wink), it is somewhat common for people to face yummy sweets, tasty high fat foods and the like with the comment "Just one more..."

You see, the original agreement between ME and ME was that I would have only ONE. Simple enough, although buying into this untruth is much like agreeing to buy beachfront property in Arizona, right? It simply ain't gonna happen. But, nonetheless, we see food, tastebuds go on alert, brain starts to churn and before long we have negotiated this deal that says we will eat JUST ONE.

Then, within moments, the last few bits of that wonderful, sweet, high fat food dive right down your gullett headed straight for your ass and thighs (or maybe they will make a pitstop on your belly!)

"Everything in moderation..." right? Come on Ron, I mean "We live in the real world..." and all that crap that I hear all the time... yada yada yada... follwed really soon by tears chasing the words "I don't know why I'm not losing weight..."

Yes you do. Yes Sir, Yes Ma'am, YOU do.

Makes me wish I could flash back in time and SHOW you why you aren't losing weight... Don't miss this though: that one little thing you ate isn't REALLY the cause of your problems at all. How's that for me being honest?

Now it's your turn to be honest. You didn't eat JUST ONE did you? In fact, you actually ate JUST ONE MORE...didn't you? In double fact, you ate JUST ONE MORE -several freakin times!

So what do we have? Here's your list:

JUST ONE MORE dimple on your ass.
JUST ONE MORE size to go up now.
JUST ONE MORE time to look in the mirror and be depressed.
JUST ONE MORE chance to prove to yourself that you can't succeed.
JUST ONE MORE...failure.

You've just shot your self discipline down with amazing accuracy. You have added the need to do even MORE cardio and lift even MORE weights to undo this travesty...

So what's the solution? Your mindset baby. Yes. Your mindset. The minute you decided to eat JUST ONE MORE, you were done. So, fix the mindset. From now on, it's one of two options. 'No, I'm not going to eat that" or 'I will eat just one" and stick with that. Period. Now, if you are in the UB Program, mind you, you still have to come in and own the ONE that you ate. That's a given. But, you also have new found success. Low and behold, you actually DO control what you eat. Amazing huh?

So steel your mind. Be brave and strong. It ain't easy doing this, I know! For God's sake, I have fought and still do fight your same fight. It sucks bad. But, know what? We can handle it -You can handle it! Put down the ass growing food and all of your excuses with it. Build a strong mindset. Then, be the person who you want to be! It is all up to you...oh, and JUST ONE MORE thing...put this thought in your mind. Put it there and protect it. YOUR Success is close at hand. I believe that! Now it's your turn to start believing it.