Sunday, February 26, 2012

How To Fit In A Bikini

It might have been the perfect day at the pool. The temperature was in the mid 80’s, the sun was warm on her skin yet there was a touch of perfect coolness in the air. “I wish every day could be this good” she thought to herself. When she breathed in she smelled the sweetness of Honeysuckle, the kind that takes you back to when you were a kid on an amazing summer day. Her friends were all there too, laughing and taking turns sharing tidbits of their lives with each other. One of those little waterfalls was alive with the sounds of cascading water nearby and the husbands and boyfriends were all laughing and hanging out by the grill.

As she lay there stretched out on the lounge chair, she remembered spending nearly a whole Saturday at Stonebriar Mall shopping for a bikini. Luckily she had found the perfect one. Black, tasteful and super cute, it fit her better than she remembers them fitting back in the 80’s. The bikini might be better today than back then, but as she flips through her playlists on her iPhone, she stops on the 80’s music she has downloaded and begins to tap her fingers to Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey.

“Perfect!” she thought.

Then the alarm went off. Slowly she rolled over and hit the snooze button as she does every morning. In her mind it’s just another day of stress just waiting to happen. Soon she will be up and trying like mad to get the kids to wake up. No real time for a healthy breakfast, she knows that there will be a donut (or three) along with a cup of coffee (or three) waiting for her at work. After avoiding the mirror while getting in the shower, she reluctantly searches through her closet for the one outfit that will make her “look” thinner, even though she knows she simply isn’t. Truth is, she hasn’t been thin for long time now.

Today she feels terrible. She may have a smile on the outside, at times, but on the inside, she’s depressed and hates what she looks like and how she feels about herself. Sadly, she even feels pretty hopeless to change it. So, like most people, she simply gives up on the possibility that she can ever have the life she has always wanted. Instead she spends her time chasing her kid’s homework assignments, sports practices and their messes all over the house. Her life is hectic and her best two friends are sweets and high fat foods these days.

“Not perfect” she thought. Not even close.

Let me explain something to you as you read this. I am a door opener. Granted, my title is Fitness Specialist, but in reality, I’m a door opener. Here’s what I mean. We all want something, something fantastic. We want to go to the pool and we want to look good. Not only that but we want to feel good. We want energy, focus and above all else, we want to be happy. Here’s what I know: all of those things that you want are there for you, waiting on the other side of a door. They aren’t far off, they aren’t far-fetched but they are one thing that is far, -far from impossible!

In your world you have been blessed with many abilities; the ability to think, the ability to love and the ability to change. That’s right, to change. Hold that thought and let me tell you something. Every single person who reads this from the editor to you yourself will be in one of three groups. One group is the ones who stay right where they are. No success, no change, lots of moo-moo’s at the pool and excuses for not enjoying life. The second group is those who make “some” effort and end up changing “some.” You know, half effort and half results. These folks will live a little better life, but not an amazing life -sometimes the pool sometimes Oreo’s and frustration. Then the final group: those of us who will not settle any longer, those who will reach out and take the life that we want so badly for. This group smiles, this group has hope, this group lives! The hard reality is that YOU WILL BE IN ONE OF THESE THREE GROUPS. You can’t avoid it. Even if you say “I’m not participating in your group thing” then guess what? Group one.

The good news is that you can change which group you are in. There are “doors” separating them to be sure. Remember me saying I’m a door opener? Hello. Want the key to open your door? I call it your mindset. Some would call it your attitude, but either way it’s the same thing, and, that my friend, is your key. It’s one of the greatest things you possess and it is uniquely and unmistakably yours to use.

Unlock the door with your positive, can win, won’t lose attitude. Decide right now that you are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Decide that you are ready for change. Decide that the life you live is up to you and then simply reach out and get it. It’s nothing more complicated than healthy food and exercise. No pills, no surgeries, no fad or gimmicky shortcuts. Your journey won’t be perfect, but it will be perfect enough.

Pool time is soon at hand. Will you be there? I will. You bring the bikini and hot new body and I’ll bring “Journey’s Greatest Hits” and the Coppertone. See you there!