Thursday, September 2, 2010


So what would you do if you did it? You know, achieved your goals... not kinda, not sorta but all the way? You know, you've lost ALL the weight. Things that you usually only dream about wearing don't just "fit", they fit great. Work out outfits? They now come in cute, even cuter and damn you can now opt for DAMN CUTE and they look better on you than they did in the store. Where you used to shop for a size 16 or 18, now you're rocking a sweet 4 or 6. No more "mama jeans" for you! You've just discovered the world of 7 For All Mankind, True Religion and all the other boutique jeans...

But there's more. What would you do if all of a sudden old fluffy you morphed into little hottie you? You get comments like "girl, you look great!" and "Oh my God, you look terrific -I'm so jealous." What do you do when every time you turn around someone is complimenting you?

What would you do when you look in the mirror in those quiet moments, when no one else is around... quietly standing there peering deep into your very own eyes, and instead of seeing that less than happy girl staring back, you see the new you. yes, the NEW YOU. Let those words sink in just a moment. Pause right here and let those words sink in...the NEW YOU...notice that smile that just breaks across your face? It's then, right there in that moment that you can honestly say "I did it." Such sweet words.

But back to the question, -what would you do? Well, let me tell you...Dance. Dance like the crazy, wonderful, happy person you are! Last Saturday night I had the opportunity to go to a local country bar in Dallas with one of our success stories. All night I watched her live in her "new you." I knew we had come full circle and she had reached true success when I saw her with her husband dancing out on that dance floor. It wasn't that she had perfected the latest dance moves, it was that she had perfected living her life.

The truth is that you too can have everything Karen has now. It's out there just patiently waiting for you, as it always has been. Ready to dance?