Sunday, December 8, 2013

Fall In Love Again

If you weren't a close friend of hers, you wouldn't have known of the hours and hours she had spent getting ready to meet someone special. The truth is her friends suspected that something was going on for months because she was just not acting like herself. You know how it goes, when you have someone new in your life you hardly eat, you seem to live everyday distracted by your thoughts, -we've all been there.

To many, she seemed so distracted, so occupied. Even her appetite seemed to have changed. Several months back she was the life of the party, drinking and eating like everyone else, complaining about life and well, just normal. Now, she seems to only want to eat salads and lean meats, and she rarely ever has dessert anymore. One thing we all noticed though, she seems to be happier. That was the dead giveaway. Anyone who seems preoccupied, eats less and yet still seems happy obviously has someone new in her life!

One day she asked me to join her at the gym. Now, I may not be Mr. Unhealthy but I am also not a gym rat. In fact, it’s been years since I have really worked out with any consistency. You know, busy life, work, all that! But, I had a hunch that if I were to join her, I might see and even meet this special new person in her life. So, reluctantly I agreed and showed up at 5:30 am tired and weary to go.

We walked on the treadmill, lifted weights and just generally sweated! And, as much as I wanted to be done and leave, I also had a burning desire to see this person that makes her smile more every day. Finally, the torture was over and we headed to the water fountains. I have to say I was disappointed that “Special” didn't show. Maybe another time, I thought.

Then it happened. I saw an amazing smile break across her face. Standing right there in front of her was the person I had been hoping so much to meet, their eyes locked on one another. I have to admit, “Special” was stunning! Her special person was lean, healthy and just looked so happy! In a word, “Special” had the things we all look for in a person we want in our lives.

In just a moment, the meeting was over. My friend and I stepped away from the mirror and I knew that my friend had discovered someone really special, -herself. The “her” she had wanted so desperately to be. Lean, healthy and above all, happy! She had been eating clean and working out regularly knowing that there was someone special within herself just waiting for her to open the doors!

If you have been looking for that someone “special” within yourself, today is your day. Make the decision to start eating healthy and exercising. I assure you that there is someone special just waiting to meet you! By joining the Ultimate Body Program, we can have you back in love in about 20 weeks.  Fall in love again with yourself and see what life has to offer. You won’t be disappointed. Call me at 214-783-5440 to discuss how we can help you get there!