Sunday, December 8, 2013

Fall In Love Again

If you weren't a close friend of hers, you wouldn't have known of the hours and hours she had spent getting ready to meet someone special. The truth is her friends suspected that something was going on for months because she was just not acting like herself. You know how it goes, when you have someone new in your life you hardly eat, you seem to live everyday distracted by your thoughts, -we've all been there.

To many, she seemed so distracted, so occupied. Even her appetite seemed to have changed. Several months back she was the life of the party, drinking and eating like everyone else, complaining about life and well, just normal. Now, she seems to only want to eat salads and lean meats, and she rarely ever has dessert anymore. One thing we all noticed though, she seems to be happier. That was the dead giveaway. Anyone who seems preoccupied, eats less and yet still seems happy obviously has someone new in her life!

One day she asked me to join her at the gym. Now, I may not be Mr. Unhealthy but I am also not a gym rat. In fact, it’s been years since I have really worked out with any consistency. You know, busy life, work, all that! But, I had a hunch that if I were to join her, I might see and even meet this special new person in her life. So, reluctantly I agreed and showed up at 5:30 am tired and weary to go.

We walked on the treadmill, lifted weights and just generally sweated! And, as much as I wanted to be done and leave, I also had a burning desire to see this person that makes her smile more every day. Finally, the torture was over and we headed to the water fountains. I have to say I was disappointed that “Special” didn't show. Maybe another time, I thought.

Then it happened. I saw an amazing smile break across her face. Standing right there in front of her was the person I had been hoping so much to meet, their eyes locked on one another. I have to admit, “Special” was stunning! Her special person was lean, healthy and just looked so happy! In a word, “Special” had the things we all look for in a person we want in our lives.

In just a moment, the meeting was over. My friend and I stepped away from the mirror and I knew that my friend had discovered someone really special, -herself. The “her” she had wanted so desperately to be. Lean, healthy and above all, happy! She had been eating clean and working out regularly knowing that there was someone special within herself just waiting for her to open the doors!

If you have been looking for that someone “special” within yourself, today is your day. Make the decision to start eating healthy and exercising. I assure you that there is someone special just waiting to meet you! By joining the Ultimate Body Program, we can have you back in love in about 20 weeks.  Fall in love again with yourself and see what life has to offer. You won’t be disappointed. Call me at 214-783-5440 to discuss how we can help you get there!

Friday, November 15, 2013

The Greatest Discovery

Years ago, when I went through my own body transformation, I believed I knew myself. I was the son to my mom and the brother to my brother, etc. However, I knew nothing about what I was truly made of.  There was always this belief that I was strong and that I had resolve. In a word, I believed that I could handle anything that life threw at me, but this theory was yet untested and unproven.

As I went through the process of losing weight, I found myself many, many times exercising alone, pushing the cardio machine through countless drops of sweat. There were many unhealthy meals that went uneaten. At times, I felt like I was completely alone on my mission and wondered if I would succeed. I remember many times just having to lose myself in my music in order to make it through each workout. To make matters worse, the results seemed to come so slowly.  But, I pushed on, every day, meal by meal, workout by workout.

In the end, after a collection of many workouts and multiple meals of clean healthy eating, I discovered myself in the mirror. There I stood, lean and fit and smiling. But, looking back, I realize that the true transformation had occurred on the inside. Sure, the outside looked completely different, but the inside reflected the real changes. No longer did I just believe I was strong, instead I KNEW I was strong. There was no longer any doubt in my mind that I had what it took to succeed, at anything. For me, all of those countless hours of workouts and healthy meals helped me discover myself.

How well do you know yourself?  I believe that you may be so tied up in your daily life and the routine of it all that perhaps you have completely lost touch with who you really are. Sure, you may be called mom, brother, husband or wife, but who are you to YOU?

I would like to challenge you right now to find out. Yes, I am asking you to start working out and eating healthy. And, at the same time I am hopeful that in those most difficult moments, when you just want to give up and throw in the towel, that you instead reach deep and find your strength. My hope is that you will hate always eating healthy and yet do it anyways. In the end, I am certain that not only will you have a whole new, healthy body and better quality of life, but you will also discover (or rediscover) yourself -The real you, stripped of all of life’s nonsense and instead standing there transformed and proven.

Get started today. Make a decision to be different. Make the hard choices and ultimately make this about a personal journey to discover something amazing… yourself!

Sunday, September 29, 2013


I nearly choked on my turkey burger as the man walked up to the table beside us. He was a big guy with huge muscles nearly ripping through his tight fitting suit. If I were to guess, he looked like a guy named Guido. And I would tell you what color his eyes were, except that he had sunglasses on. Honestly, this guy was intimidating! So cautiously I watched. It seemed as if “Guido” had found who he was looking for. 

She was a middle aged woman, dressed in work out clothes as if she had just come from a spin class or something.  I remember her because she had been sitting next to me in the restaurant for the last 20 minutes or so with another friend who also looked like one of those work out people. I will never forget what happened next.  

You see, sitting right there in the middle of the table was a small basket of bread. Beside the bread was a small plate of butter. The whole time I had been sitting there, I noticed that neither of the ladies had touched the bread. But, clearly that was not the desire of Mr. Guido. With a stern face and a deep sigh, Guido carefully picked up a piece of the bread and spread butter on it with precision. He paused for a moment, then, with a sigh, handed the bread to one of the ladies. She looked almost helpless as she took a bite of the bread. Guido then cracked his knuckles and the lady ate faster. In fact, Guido didn’t even have to butter her next two pieces of bread; she did that herself.

I noticed that Guido hung around until dessert time when he also forced the lady to have a piece of cheesecake.  After the cheesecake was gone, Guido walked away with a sly smile on his face, stating ‘I’ll see you for dinner.”

Thankfully, this didn’t really happen; however, every single day we are faced with choices. We can choose to eat healthy, or not -it’s all up to us! Usually when we do make the bad choices, we say to ourselves “I just had to have that cheesecake…or those cookies…or that such and such” as if Guido himself were standing there forcing us to eat unhealthy. The simple truth is that the only Guido around is the one within us, not FORCING us to eat badly, but rather ALLOWING it.

So do this. Next time you are faced with an unhealthy food option, realize that there is no one forcing you to eat it. Make the healthy food choice instead and watch as Guido gets a puzzled look on his face and quietly slips away. Oh, and don’t forget to tell him he’s not invited to dinner! Success in health comes one meal at a time so make each one count!

If you see me around town eating, pull up the empty chair and join me. Guido doesn’t need it anymore.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Time to Grow Up

“A Powice Man” I replied when my mom asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. Of course, that was over forty years ago. Crazy how time flies by, isn’t it? So let’s do this. Let’s pause time for just a moment and take a look at ourselves. How? Like this. Stop. Reread this very sentence slowly three times then move on. Now, breathe. Breathe slow and deep. Slow your mind down. Pause again here. Ok. Now, here we are. You might ask where. –“In front of the mirror” I would reply. Sure, it’s an imaginary mirror, but what it shows you isn’t imaginary at all.

Take a good look. What do you see? A face, eyes, what? Look closer. See all of the wrinkles? That’s not something we want to see, but they are there. What else do you see? How about the gray hair? Remember when gray hair was just something that your grandparents had? It seems like life is moving so fast; in fact, maybe too fast.

Look a little deeper. In fact, look into your own eyes. What do you see there? Lots and lots of life lived. Sure, your eyes may look tired and even a bit bloodshot, but look past that. Look into the years of life that those eyes have witnessed. There was a time when you were younger that some in your family really wondered if you would ever make it. Guess what? Here you are. You made it. Take another breath and think about that. Here you are in the midst of your day, all grown up and living life. Yes, you did make it.

What else do you see when you look deep into your own eyes? Let me tell you what I see in you. First, you are unique. There is no one else like you, anywhere! You are an amazing collection of life experiences, wisdom and emotions. You have seen pain, and joy. You’ve experienced life and death. You have been deep in the valleys and you’ve kissed the sun from the summit of life’s mountains. In a word, you are amazing. Yes, amazing!

All too often we define ourselves by what we see on the outside when, in fact, the real “us” is on the inside. We are even known to determine our self-value by what we look like on the outside. For example, if you are overweight, you feel like you are flawed in some way and often live depressed and unhappy. Because we don’t see our true inner selves, we can never fix our outer selves and so weight loss, joy, happiness and all good things seem impossible.

Do this instead: Stop judging yourself by what you see on the outside. Look within at the amazing person that you are. That beautiful, loving and amazing person within you really IS you. Once you believe and accept that, then and only then will you be unchained and able to change the outside. Learning to see the real you “within” is what I call “growing up” and it’s NEVER too late to do that.

What do you want to be when YOU grow up? Remember, Powice Man is already taken! 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


When I was five years old, my kindergarten teacher told my mom that she (my mom) must be a perfectionist. Curiously, my mom asked “Why?’ to which Ms. Lawyer replied, “Because your son is.” Apparently, in everything I did, from coloring to cutting construction paper, it HAD to be perfect! In fact, if it wasn’t perfect, I would just give up and stop trying altogether. While every other kid proudly displayed projects scribbled in crayon and looking like they had been cut out with a butter knife, I had nothing. At five, perfection didn't get you much.

About ten years ago, I decided that it was time for me to go talk to someone very close to me about being a perfectionist. I was going to share my own life experiences with him and see if I could get him to understand how much he needed to change; to stop being such a perfectionist. So, on that day, I went home, found a mirror and started the conversation. Wow, not easy.
Fast forward to today and you would discover, oddly enough, that I still believe in perfectionism. But, I’ve modified the definition. In fact, you might say that my new definition of perfection is PERFECT. First, the old definition: Perfection (n) -the quality or state of being perfect. Now, my new definition: Perfection (n) -the quality or state of being perfect ENOUGH. How’s that?  

If you apply the old definition to your life, it’s easy to see that you end up without a job, without someone to live life with, without a home, without a car, without anything important. You see, perfectionism STILL gets you nothing. So how does this apply to you? Easy! Stop searching for PERFECT and instead search for PERFECT ENOUGH. How? Let me tell you.

First, stop searching for perfection in what you wear. Throw on some flip flops and a t-shirt and be seen in public! It’s ok. And you know that yard you work so hard on making perfect? Let it go some. It’s ok if you have a few wilted flowers now and then. Oh, and then your better half. PLEASE stop looking for perfection there. I mean it. You won’t find it. But guess what. THEY LOVE YOU. Isn't that perfect enough?

And you know what else? Stop striving for perfection in your health and fitness goals. You will NEVER achieve it for any length of time. But, you can achieve “perfect enough” for a lifetime. Yes, you should set goals and eat healthy. Just don’t stress out and fail when you end up eating something less than perfect. Try to exercise daily. But, if you miss a work out, it’s OK. 

Imagine the possibilities this new key can open up for you. Endless best describes them.

Think about this a while and see how it works for you. Remember, not perfect, perfect enough. Got it? Perfect! Now hand me another sheet of that construction paper. I have some projects to do!


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Back To The Pool

Spring -her first day at the pool this year. Her heart was pounding. She could feel the sweat starting to collect across her face. Maybe she shouldn't do this. “Maybe I should just turn around and go back home” she thought to herself. Slowly she pushed open the ornate iron gate that surrounded the pool. For just a moment she paused and looked around. In each area, people were sitting in small groups, some laughing, and some soaking up the sun. “I can do this” she thought.

Even though the sun was blasting down and the concrete was uncomfortably hot, she noticed that sweet smell of springtime honeysuckle in the air. The sweet smell and cool spring breeze took her back in time to when she was a little girl and the pool simply meant one thing: fun.  As the gate slammed shut behind her though, she was brought right back to the present and the reality that the pool had not been fun for many years! The pool is a place where only the brave dare go out. It’s a place filled with one-piece swim suits, cover ups, sarongs, wraps and many other creative ways to hide the reality of a poor diet and lack of exercise.

But, there she was. Many, many times in the past she had avoided going to the pool. Each time a friend invited her, she had a conflict. “Oh, I’m so sorry; I’ve already got something planned for that afternoon.” Yes, like sitting at home in front of the TV eating unhealthy food and “wishing” things were different. It had been many, many years since she had actually enjoyed going to the pool -or on dates, or shopping for clothes, or you know, living life.

She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. As she stood there, she began to replay all of the last five months in the gym, sweating it out on the treadmill, pushing around the weights and doing lots and lots of crunches. She recalled all of the healthy food choices she had made over the last five months. Cookies and wine had given way to strawberries and protein shakes. Enchiladas and margaritas had been replaced with grilled chicken and water. “Wow. Did I do this?” she asked herself.

Opening her eyes, a beautiful, well-earned smile broke across her face. “YES, I did this!” she exclaimed. As she walked, the glow of her brand new swimsuit only seemed to enhance the flat, toned stomach she now had. With each confident step, legs that most women would kill for carried her through the pool area. As she walked, people noticed. In fact, many of the girls at the pool just wished they could look like her. Well, actually ALL of the girls wished they could look like her.

Once on her lounger, she sat back with a smile and a cold bottle of water. Oh, and confidence, happiness and excellent health. What was in store for her as the summer unfolds? Who knows? But, who wouldn’t want to find out? If you want a better life, make the decision like she did to eat healthy and get regular exercise. There simply are NO limits to what you can do. This reminds me of a quote one of our UB'ers just shared on Facebook: “She believed she could, so she did.” Guess what, your turn!  

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Chasing Goals

I used to know this runner who was SO fast. Every day he ran down my road. He was faster than me, smarter than me and everyone liked him, well, except me of course! You see, for years and years I had been trying to catch up to him. However, every single time I tried, I failed. Once I dug a big hole right in the middle of the road waiting on him to come running and fall right in. But, in the heat of the moment, I gave pursuit and forgot all about the hole. He stopped, I didn’t, and for a moment I was suspended right there in thin air. Next thing I knew, I was in the bottom of the hole looking up and he was gone.

Another time I decided to get serious. I called the ACME Supply Company and bought a rocket that would allow me to catch him. All I had to do was wait until he came running, then hop on the rocket and fire it up. Sure enough, he came sprinting along. I hopped onboard and lit the fuse. Within seconds I was right there beside him. Overwhelmed with satisfaction from my pending success, I began to smile. But, then, BANG! My rocket blew up and I tumbled down the road all black from the explosion and smoke! Looking back I realize that everything I ever tried would have worked except for one thing that kept getting in the way: me.

Ya, you know me. My name is Wile E. Coyote. Do you remember me? Or, perhaps you don’t remember me; instead, maybe you ARE ME!  What I mean is this:  you are in constant pursuit of the Roadrunner (weight loss, good health), constantly trying new gizmos and gadgets (work outs and diets) but ALWAYS end up failing!  I see this cartoon played out all too often out there in the real world. We all want success and we find some excellent ways to accomplish it, but, in the end, we fail –usually due to ourselves.

So, how about it? Do you want success? Do you spend more time jumping from this gym to that, this diet to that one and so forth? Is your only true exercise one of futility, always chasing, never catching? Then it’s time to change Mr. or Mrs. Coyote!

First, call up ACME and order a plan for success. We can call it clean eating and exercise. Next, get started! But, be smart as you go this time. Learn from past mistakes and don’t fall into your own traps. Don’t get prideful when you feel success is close and most of all, be consistent this time. In the end, you will have success instead of one more entry on a long resume of failed efforts. Take some time and think about this. The cartoon can end today with your decision to succeed and a little hard work!

It’s almost summertime. Will you be ready? Beep beep.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Running With Apollo

Many any years ago I was a boxer. I had won many fights in my career but eventually I became lazy and let life get the better of me. I was overweight, out of shape and depressed. Then, a buddy of mine named Apollo Creed offered to help me get back in the game. Not just the boxing game but the game of life. I remember my buddy Apollo taking me out to the sandy beach day after day to race him, but, I just couldn’t beat him. Sure, I was capable of beating him, I had everything it took, except one thing: motivation.

Then one day it happened. We were on the beach racing, in the background trumpets blasted a song and it seemed as though I was running in slow motion. Somehow, in that moment, MOTIVATION caught up to me and I beat Apollo! It was amazing; in fact, they should make a movie about me. Wait. They did that already; well, except that it wasn’t me… ok, never mind, I digress.

So I’m not Rocky and I never raced Apollo on the beach, but the part about how motivation will catch up to you is VERY true. Unfortunately, I meet people all the time who are waiting for motivation to come along as they sit on the couch, eat unhealthy foods and ultimately entrench themselves in a very unhealthy lifestyle. Typically we think that one day, somehow, if the planets all align and the wind is blowing just right, that we will be overtaken by motivation. When this happens we will eat perfect, work out like champions and amaze the world with our new body. But, that just isn’t how it works.

What I have discovered is that if you lack motivation, yet want it desperately, you have to get out on the beach and run. Well, not literally, but you do have to start going through the motions. Here’s what I mean: start working out and eating right every day. You say “But I’m just not motivated to do that” to which I reply, “My point exactly.” You see, motivation is tricky. When you wait for it, expect it to hide from you. However, if you just get started without it, soon it will RUN to you. It’s true, in fact it’s so true that they SHOULD make a movie about me just for sharing this with you!

So, how about it? Tired of being ringside and watching life play out? Ready to get into the fight and show the world just what you can do? Then do this. Stand up, put on your gloves and step back in the ring. At first it will just be you facing your challenges and obstacles. However, soon you will be joined in your fight by motivation. And, let me tell you this, when motivation joins you, nothing can stop you.

Please, give this serious thought and by this time next month you can be winning the fight to look and feel fantastic. In the meantime, if you see someone doing sit ups off the roof of the studio or running up the streets in old 1979 sweats, just ignore me; I’m fighting some guy named Drago next month and I AM motivated! You are up next...

Sunday, January 27, 2013

I Just Can

“I just can’t do it” she said as she lay there sweating, breathing heavy and with furious tears in her eyes. You see, she had just tried to do a full sit up; not fifty, not twenty even, but just one. Granted, today was her first day in my program, but still, she believed that she should at least be able to do ONE sit up. Clearly the years of fast food, DVR’s, comfy couches, fad diets and missed work out opportunities had caught up with her.

I believe that her statement “I just can’t do it” probably fit so many other areas of her life… like the time she was invited to that pool party. She thought about the prospect of putting on a swim suit. “I just can’t do it.” Or that time when she wanted to go for that job promotion. She knew she would be looked upon as the big girl and possibly as lazy so she finally concluded “I just can’t do it.”

Sadly though, there’s been more. Vacation, shopping for fun clothes, taking up new hobbies, riding bikes with her son… all end with that same statement. And, it’s true. She can’t.

Does this sound familiar? Are you living a “limited” life too? Let me tell you this: the only real thing she couldn’t do was realize that she COULD do all of those things from sit ups to swim suits. How? It’s a simple process really. Be careful, I’m going to tell you how to succeed, to overcome and to change your life. If you are afraid of success you may want to move on to another article…if not, read on.

There is a beginning called DECIDE. In this case, decide to change your life through clean eating and exercise. Then there is the middle which is the most important part and it has to be done forwards and backwards. Here goes: BE PERSISTENTLY CONSISTENT and BE CONSISTENTLY PERSISTENT. Get it? Eat healthy meals. Not one here and there but as many as it takes to get you healthy and happy! And exercise. Often! Finally, there is an end called ENJOY. That part I’ll leave to you to figure out. Trust me, it is amazing!!!

Fast forward six weeks. I walked into my class and saw that I had an odd number of people so someone was going to have to do sit ups without a partner to hold their feet. I asked for volunteers. Guess who agreed to do it? I would never admit it to anyone except you, but each and every sit up that she did, without someone even holding her feet, first one then soon 25, repeated over and over until she had done over 300 made me just stand and cheer for her inside. All she saw was a smile on my face, but inside I marveled at how she had learned to knock that silly little “apostrophe T” off her statement.

Guess what. It’s your turn because now even you know how.