Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Then, Studpid Walks In...

You have many things under control, right? I mean, not every little detail, but MOST things. You live your life your way, on your terms and so on...you choose the car you drive, where you live and things such as that. Heck, you even decide what you are gonna wear and watch on TV tonight.

But those things where you actually have some level of "control" aren't those of which I want to speak. It is, in fact, the smaller and less controlled things that I want to discuss. You know the ones -like choosing to eat "clean" instead of crap. Choosing to workout in a precise, effective manner over just slogging through the motions or maybe not even working out at all.

You know how it goes, you get fully fed up with being fat and unhealthy then make a new consorted effort to do something about it. So there it starts. You may begin eating clean, meal by meal, one after another. Chicken, salad, protein bar, egg whites and so forth. You get to feeling really, really good, -like for once you are on track. "This time I'm doing it!" you proclaim to yourself. On and on it goes. With each passing healthy meal you are gaining confidence and strength. In your mind, you may even seem to be unstoppable.

Then it happens. Stupid walks in.

The arch enemy of everything you do is called stupid. Oh, and "stupid" is only "stupid" in name. It takes on many shapes and forms. Sometimes stupid looks like a chocolate chip cookie or a brownie, or pizza or even beer. Other times it looks like your best friend saying "Come on, just have a little bite!" I've even seen stupid look like an excuse. "I'm just too tired and worn out to go to class tonite." Hello stupid!

Funny thing about stupid is that you have often welcomed stupid to hang out with you. It seems that you treat stupid as though once it shows up, you never make it leave. Furthermore, you often invite all of stupid's friends known as "even stupider", "damn stupid" and "freaking really stupid" to come join your failure party. They look alot like "Well, I already screwed up by eating that piece of pizza" (welcome stupid) to 'I might as well just blow off the entire weekend now and restart Monday" (welcome even stupider). -Those other losers seem to think they have a golden invitation every time just plain 'ol stupid walks in. Before you know it, stupid and friends are all over you and success is a fleeting concept.

Sound at all familiar? Sure it does. Stupid and company have been tormenting your best plans and efforts for years. The solution? -It's a simple, yet very powerful tool that stupid hates. Where do you get this tool? Well, you get it where all your best provisions are kept. Within yourself. Yep, no infomercial with some freak needed to sell you this tool. You already got it. What's it called? Resolve.

Resolve. Say it a few times and think about the absolute power that resolve can wield for you. Bring it forward in your mind and dust it off. She's ready to work for you at a moments notice. In fact, she's hungry to work for you and the more you exercise her, the stronger she becomes. And by the way, stupid HATES and is TERRIFIED of her. Smile now. She's your friend and will help you make it to your goals. All of them, fitness and otherwise. Smile again. That's some good reality baby! Those of you who know that everything you do in fitness is directly related to the rest of your life know what I just told you.

So here's how I would recommend introducing stupid to resolve. "Hey, why don't you just have a little bit of this cheesecake?" (Hola estupido!) "No. No way. There's no chance I'm going to eat that." (resolve!) Did you hear stupid run for the door? Maybe we should change stupid's name to Flash as fast as it just ran away! And stupids friends? Yeah right. They made potty and hid under the bed.

Resolve winks at you, you smile. Goals fast approaching!