Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I was amazed the other day. "If you put half the effort into your situps that you put into eating at the buffet, you would have a heck of a six pack!" I told her. Funny thing is, she didn't deny it. She KNOWS that I'm speaking the truth. In reality, I'm always amazed by the lack of effort some people put into their weight loss program! Seriously, I am quickly getting over people who TALK a big talk but who don't WALK the walk.

I am begining to think that we are all just SOOOOO WEAK! It makes me sick and it would make people like my grandfather sad to see just how weak we have become as a "generation."

Here's what I mean. I ask people to perform in many ways, for example, let's knock out 20 more push ups... and I can pretty much tell you that everytime I suggest something like that I get a look from people like I just pulled a monkey out of my butt and asked them to hold it for me.

The part that gets me though is that these same exact people will polish off one heck of a dinner at Cheesecake Factory including chicken and biscuits, mashed potatoes made with tons of butter and gravy and several glasses of sweet tea. Oh, and don't forget the "Adam's Peanut ButterCheesecake with extra whipped cream" that they get too!

People! This is a 4,420 calorie Olympic event! Do you have any clue how much resolve and fortitude that it takes to eat like that? TONS BABY!(which is exactly what they are going to weigh) -That's more food than any living person should eat at one time. Period. So, 20 push ups are out of the question right Chim Chim? But, alas, somehow my fellow monkey lovers can put all that food away in one sitting.

"I'm amazed" is an understatement.

Now here's where you play into all this. First, if the description of all that food made you want to eat it, you're in trouble. If you just ate that food last weekend, you're in deep trouble. If you are eating that food right now while you are reading this blog post, Chim Chim is on his way to kick your ass!

You know another thing that amazes me? People who get it. People who used to eat like that and yet through their desire to change, have completely given up on the hell that is high fat and mega sugar foods! Do you realize that as challenging as it is to eat the loads of crap and garbage that we are faced with each day, it is even more challenging to turn away from that food, those habits, that lifestyle and yes, that person who you used to be when those foods domintaed your life?

Now that's amazing stuff. My question for you is "who are you?" Maybe a better question is "who do you want to be?" It's great that you are known for your amazing ability to eat tons of crap. It's more amazing to be a "used-to-be" though. Your choice. I made mine.

Here, hold my monkey.