Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I don't get it...

Seriously, I DO NOT GET IT... I have to tell you that each and every day I am in conversation with many people about health and fitness. Everyone want's to be fit. Everyone wants to be healthy. Everyone wants to look good. Right? Well, mostly right. There are a few out there that just don't give a flip, but, that's NOT you.

So, everyone has these big aspirations, right? And I have to say, there are several different "types" of people who want to change their lives.. ever seen the one who is the 'planner"? This person does tons of research & maps out every little detail. After thorough investigation of the options available out there, this person proceeds to call me and give me a beating with questions..."what is your certification?" "What makes you better than Bo and Luke Dukes Gym?" and so forth...Next, this person goes out to Academy Sports and buys the shorts, the tops, the shoes, the water bottle, the towel....OH MY GOD! Really? This person seems more likely to be preparing for surgery than for a workout. Long story short, this person fails to do one thing. Truly work at it. Sure, this goob has all the right equipment, but, SORRY JACK! YOU CAN'T BUY YOUR WAY FIT.

The next type that I see is the one who "used to be..." You know, I used to be a gymnast, I used to be a football hero, I used to be blah blah blah... These people spend so much time looking back that they absolutely lose sight of what lies ahead of them. They tend to believe that whatever they once had, they still have. You know, it's like a Rocky movie playing in their heads. All I can say is 'Yo, Adrian, this crap ain't no movie. If you's want it, ya gonna have to work your ass off for it." In the end, "used to be" won't even buy you a nickle piece of sugar free gum.

Another type I LOVE to see is the "I want it, but I want it MY way" diva. And by diva, I'm referring to both women and men. These folks crack me up the most. They come in saying that they want this and they want that...you know, like a tight butt, definition and better health. But, you let ONE TINY LITTLE PIECE OF NOT THEIR WAY pop up and it's all over faster than Oprah can eat an eclair. Again, these people want change, but they want it conditionally. It just don't work that way divas!

You know what I don't see enough of? People who just simply make the decision to change, then do it. And yes, damn it, it IS just that simple. Fill in the blank with tons of expetives right here then add "it is THAT simple" to the end of it and you'll know how I really feel about this.

For the love of God, please stop failing yourself. For once, and for all, stop. Stop buying crap food. If you don't like the way your butt looks, STOP. And that's not all...stop making excuses. I'm not buying them. No one else really does either. Sure, we act like we understand, but inside, we know it's just crap. It's you failing you.

Now, if your still with me and not crying into a tissue all offended, then there's hope! I want you to realize something. Inside you, maybe deep inside is the absolute, 100 percent complete, overwhelming power to succeed. It's not "maybe" there, it's not "there but kinda weak", it's THERE and it's STRONG. If you aren't harnessing the power within you to succeed, then maybe you deserve to be unfit and unhappy, because baby, YOU could change it if YOU wanted to bad enough.

Are you hearing me? If your mildly upset by my honesty and think I'm a bit of an ass for saying such things, then good! Now do something about it. I will write more truth in the future, but the difference is, next time it doesn't have to be about you. You could make this exact moment the moment you turned it all around. This could be the moment that you reinvent yourself. This could be the moment that you evolve into the person you were always created to be.

Do You get it? I do. Your turn.