Monday, January 10, 2011

Your test

It is my business to help people. Not exactly like a doctor, not exactly as a professor in a university, but as a fitness specialist. Or, as I would prefer it, a fitness guy. I have a hard time thinking of myself as a "specialist" at much of anything. That being said, I am in the unique position of having seen and helped many countless people reach their fitness goals. Some just came to lose 10 pounds, others came looking to rock a bikini or to get ready for a wedding or something. Most, however came looking for something greater. Huge actually.

Those who came searching for themselves, usually buried under years of stress and pounds and pounds of fat are of whom I speak today. People who used to be "somebody" physically speaking and whom have now lost that person...Life, bad habits, stress, babies and work are just a w of e things that change us into people we never knew we might one day become. But we did. And at some point, many of us realize the change and yearn desperately to recapture a piece of who we once were.

In our efforts to change and transform ourselves, we find programs like Ultimate Body and enlist the help of trainers to guide us through the process. At first glance, it would seem that we are all the same in what is required to change. You know, eat clean, exercise and expect change. And yes, that part is true, but there's more.

You see, I believe that if it were just that easy, I would be out of business. There would be no need for Ultimate Body. But it isn't. Not even close.

People, in fact even YOU, have to find their own way. Ultimate Bodyis just a tool to help. Granted, it is a fantastic tool, kind of liken using a plastic spoon to dig a hole or a sharp, full sized shovel. Both are tools, Ultimate Body is the shovel and many other programs fall around the plastic spoon level at best. Still though, the shovel doesn't just dig. YOU have to apply the tool.

That being said, finding your "own way" is really just a test. A test of everything about you. Your resolve to change, your determination to stick with it, your strength in making decisions and even your "bounce" will be tested. Bounce? The willingness, yes, willingness to bounce back when you fall. And believe me, you will fall.

No one can take the test for you. There is no cheat sheets and no calculators. It's you, all you. In a day and age where everything is done for us, this concept is hard to swallow. So hard in fact that it may be easier to swallow cupcakes and cokes. Have you noticed that being fat or overweight is becoming more and more ok? But is it really? Is it ok to you? Do YOU want that for yourself? I don't.

I can't take the test for you, and you can't take mine. But what I do know for sure is that you can pass the test. It's gonna suck, bad at times. But, in the end, it is the very nature of the test that truly makes it worth it.

When's the last time you really had a life change. A real, honest, oh my God life change. If you've read this far, it,s probably time. Collect your tools, take a few deep breaths and start. You're gonna pass with flying colors.