Sunday, May 16, 2010

Not Tonite

So everyone wants to change their fact, many things we do are in a constant quest to change our life. You want to look better, work less, relax more, be smarter, on and on...right? If not, you are an exception. And, if you are an exception, then I'm not talking to you...not now. Maybe later...

But for the rest of us in our constant pursuit of change (aka "improvement") why does it have to be TODAY? What in the world is wrong with slowing down just a bit and taking the change tomorrow, or, Heaven forbid, in a few months? Are we really that impatient? If so, and the answer is YES then why? What on Earth made us this way?

I think that I understand the desire to get things changed today...I share it at times, but for the most part, I am also happy with waiting for change too. Are you? If not, then there's the one thing that you can, and do need to change TODAY :) Start now with letting yourself wait....tic, toc, tic, toc....on and on.....just wait....relax.....keep waiting.....

Now, breathe a little...realize that all of your efforts to change WILL pay long as you also provide those efforts with the one thing we never seem to want to give them: time.

Today, why don't you slow down a little. Appreciate something that you normally just gaff. Seriously, you need this!!! How do I know? Because I know YOU!

You will change, and change fast, just not tonite :)