Sunday, January 27, 2013

I Just Can

“I just can’t do it” she said as she lay there sweating, breathing heavy and with furious tears in her eyes. You see, she had just tried to do a full sit up; not fifty, not twenty even, but just one. Granted, today was her first day in my program, but still, she believed that she should at least be able to do ONE sit up. Clearly the years of fast food, DVR’s, comfy couches, fad diets and missed work out opportunities had caught up with her.

I believe that her statement “I just can’t do it” probably fit so many other areas of her life… like the time she was invited to that pool party. She thought about the prospect of putting on a swim suit. “I just can’t do it.” Or that time when she wanted to go for that job promotion. She knew she would be looked upon as the big girl and possibly as lazy so she finally concluded “I just can’t do it.”

Sadly though, there’s been more. Vacation, shopping for fun clothes, taking up new hobbies, riding bikes with her son… all end with that same statement. And, it’s true. She can’t.

Does this sound familiar? Are you living a “limited” life too? Let me tell you this: the only real thing she couldn’t do was realize that she COULD do all of those things from sit ups to swim suits. How? It’s a simple process really. Be careful, I’m going to tell you how to succeed, to overcome and to change your life. If you are afraid of success you may want to move on to another article…if not, read on.

There is a beginning called DECIDE. In this case, decide to change your life through clean eating and exercise. Then there is the middle which is the most important part and it has to be done forwards and backwards. Here goes: BE PERSISTENTLY CONSISTENT and BE CONSISTENTLY PERSISTENT. Get it? Eat healthy meals. Not one here and there but as many as it takes to get you healthy and happy! And exercise. Often! Finally, there is an end called ENJOY. That part I’ll leave to you to figure out. Trust me, it is amazing!!!

Fast forward six weeks. I walked into my class and saw that I had an odd number of people so someone was going to have to do sit ups without a partner to hold their feet. I asked for volunteers. Guess who agreed to do it? I would never admit it to anyone except you, but each and every sit up that she did, without someone even holding her feet, first one then soon 25, repeated over and over until she had done over 300 made me just stand and cheer for her inside. All she saw was a smile on my face, but inside I marveled at how she had learned to knock that silly little “apostrophe T” off her statement.

Guess what. It’s your turn because now even you know how.