Thursday, November 1, 2012

"Good" goodbyes...

It was a sad day indeed. All I could think about was the days running and playing in the sun; the smell of sweet summer honeysuckle in the air. Back in those days I hardly seemed to have a care in the world. Summers seemed long, the ice cream truck was always on time and life was good. As these memories flashed through my mind, I watched as they took box after box out to sell at a garage sale or to donate to charity…piece by piece they were emptying the house where I had grown up. Needless to say, I was blurry eyed and the lump in my throat was there to stay.

When it was all done, the buyers signed the papers and within days crews started showing up to put in new carpet, apply fresh paint and even remove my favorite tree out front. Amid all of the commotion of selling the house, finding closure after my grandmother’s funeral and such, I went back to the old house. No one was around and maybe that’s a good thing. I sat in my car and revisited those old memories one last time. It was amazing. What a fantastic childhood that house gave me. The best Christmases and family gatherings were held within her walls. After a short while, I smiled and said goodbye. I put the car in gear and slowly pulled away with such strong mixed feelings.

That’s been nearly 18 years ago now and even still I have moments where I flash back to that old house and those days. I have moved on though. In fact, as I write this, I am having a brand new house built and I am hopeful for many amazing memories there. I look so forward with anticipation to this Christmas…and summer…and new memories. Needless to say, that old house taught me a lot, but one thing in particular stands out. Oddly enough, it taught me the importance of ending things well, of having "good" goodbye's.

Looking back, I realize that sometimes, in order to move forward and truly live life well, you have to have “good” goodbyes. That’s right, you have to end things well. How does this relate to your health and fitness? Like this: you have to take the YOU that you are right now and spend a little time remembering the good times. Your life has been a measure of amazement to say the least. You’ve lived a unique, good, bad and everything-in-between kind of life. Most people, I believe, tend to hate themselves. While I understand this, I can't agree with it. You see, while you may hate aspects of who you are and what you have become, NEVER discount all of the good within you as well. I promise you, there is more good than bad! So now,  when you are ready to move forward, do so...but, do it well!

We are facing a new year and with that come amazing opportunities for you to live life on your own terms. Think about the possibilities. By simply eating healthy and exercising you can enjoy a super happy, super healthy life. Smaller clothes, tons of energy and just fantastic health can all be yours. But, remember, end each chapter of your life well. By doing so, you will be well served going into your new future!
If you happen to be out for a healthy walk soon and happen to see me in my new yard, stop and say hello and smell the honeysuckle!