Thursday, July 26, 2012

Buying Designer Jeans

“You are fat!” he said. Right there, right then! I couldn’t believe it. You see, me and a guy I’ve known for what seems like forever were at Stonebriar Mall shopping for new jeans. I found this really awesome pair at my favorite department store. “Just right” I thought. They were really cool: dark blue with some heavy stitching and an awesome design on the back pockets. Mind you, I own two fitness studios in the area and I’m no stranger to healthy eating and working out. Maybe that’s why his words hit me so hard.

As I stepped out of the dressing room and stood in front of the mirror looking at the jeans, the guy I was with all of a sudden says “You are fat!” Not only that but he went on to point out that I had a little extra here and there as well. I wondered to myself if what he had said was really true. Could it be? I didn’t argue with him. In fact, I just accepted what he said as fact. There were many more negative things that he threw in for good measure like how old I am looking these days.

I felt really hurt and depressed by his words. I walked over and put the jeans back on the rack and invited him to come join me for something unhealthy to eat, you know, to relieve some of the pain I was feeling. Surprisingly, he didn’t put up a fight. Instead, he just said hurled one more bad comment at me. “Go ahead” he said. “You’re not going to change anything anyways; you might as well eat that junk.”

You may wonder why I choose to hang out with this guy. Well, the simple truth is that I can’t shake him. He’s always there with me. In fact, he IS me. Get that? He is that “negative inner voice” that we all have and that we all listen to all too often. You and that negative inner person are like twins, but, not identical twins.

So how do you deal with this? Simple. What you may not realize is that YOU control this voice. It is up to YOU to decide whether this voice speaks negative un-truths or if it speaks positive, uplifting messages to you! Think about it.

I would recommend learning to do two things. First, when the negative voice speaks and starts pointing out every negative detail about you, respond to it in the nicest, most friendly way possible. It goes something like this: SHUT UP! Next, turn on the positive and listen closely. Those words go like this “You may not be perfect, but you are perfect enough. You are strong and capable and if you decide that you want to change something about yourself, you can and will!”

Listen friends, it’s all up to us. It always has been. There is simply not another single person in the world that can do it for you. But, if you decide to change yourself for the better, there isn’t another single person in the world that can stop you.  Need a little push start? Go find a mirror and read these words to yourself: You are awesome and capable of anything. You are unique and special. You have strength and determination to accomplish great things!
See you in the designer jean section soon!