Sunday, June 22, 2014

To Lose, Give

One of my goals each day is to be a philanthropist. I mean that each day I try to give away my most valuable possessions. The funny thing about it is the more I give away, the more I seem to receive. Oh, and by the way, I don’t mean money, not by a long shot. And no, not a big diamond ring or a Lexus either! I believe that our most prized possessions are far more valuable than even those. Think I’ve had one protein shake too many? Well. Maybe so, but I stand by my belief anyways.

“So what are my most valuable possessions?” you may be asking.  Well, your most valuable possessions aren’t tangible.  You can’t touch them, hold them, or put them in a box.  And, sadly, not everyone realizes that they even have these treasures. But, if you do, they likely exist in vast quantities and are limitless in their depth. So what are they? Well, - love is the greatest, but there are others such as compassion, kindness and respect. Each of these are like gold coins that you should freely give away each and every day of your life. Certainly, if you have lived at all, you understand this.

Interestingly, one of the other great gifts that you have can often get lost in the treasure chest. In fact, it is usually seen as having lesser value than the rest. But, the fact is that your “word” or your “promise” is one of the most valuable coins in the chest. You see, when you give someone your word, the value attached to it is directly related to your own personal value. Remember when they used to say that you are only as good as your word? Well, it’s true.

So, why does all of this matter to you? Because, health and fitness are about more than just what’s on the outside. In fact, I believe that a complete and fulfilled life can only be achieved when you are healthy both internally and externally. There simply aren’t enough push ups, sit ups and dieting that can be done to transform you into the best version of yourself that has ever been.

So how do you make this transformation and become an amazing, life influencing, world changing person? Start by realizing that you have these internal gifts and use them –on yourself! First, give yourself your word, a promise, that you are going to change. That you are going to get healthy and ultimately, happy. Next, love yourself enough to follow through. Be forgiving when you make mistakes and respect yourself for your daily efforts. Soon, you will see the transformation taking place and you will start feeling alive again. Along with this, eat healthy and exercise often.  Life can be lived many ways, -all of them are up to you.

Want to become truly rich in life? Be a philanthropist. Give your word and hold true to it. Love without limits. Be kind to everyone, even those who deserve it least and in the end, you will find that your own life has become rich beyond belief!

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